Georgia Options, Inc. is an Athens-based non-profit that supports
people with disabilities to live in their own homes and have typical life experiences.

What makes us different?

Georgia Options is unique in that people we serve live in their own homes. We help them choose where they want to live, with whom they want to live, and how they want to live. Direct Support Staff assist people, providing support at varying levels, ranging from a few hours a day to 24/7 support. Our dedicated staff provide one-on-one support in all areas of the person’s life, enabling each individual to pursue his or her hopes and dreams, to be active in the community, and to live the best life possible.

How are we certified?

We maintain the highest level of accreditation with The Council on Quality and Leadership and are licensed as a private home care provider through the Georgia Department of Community Health.

A True Success Story

In 2002, Matt moved from Augusta, GA, where his family lives, to Athens. Matt was a young man attempting to face his challenges with autism while transitioning into adulthood. Today, with a helping hand from Georgia Options, Matt lives in his own home, enjoys a job, social life and community.

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Online Giving

Join us in caring and supporting adults in our community who have developmental disabilities by donating online. Your donation will provide great support for both short and long term needs of more than 30 adults served by Georgia Options.

Georgia Options, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contributions are fully tax deductible.

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