1. Submit Waiver Application to Regional Office

The waiver process changes regularly, take advantage of this opportunity while you can.
Region 2 – (706) 792-7733
Plan for the future. Apply NOW!

2. Meet Eligibility Requirements

Make sure your family member is Medicaid eligible and has a diagnosis of an intellectual disability with onset before age 18.

3. Assessed by Regional Intake and Evaluation Staff

The Regional Office of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) should contact you within 14 days to make arrangements to conduct a screening in order to make a preliminary eligibility determination.

4. Allocated Waiver Funding & Assigned a Support Coordinator

The amount of funding received is based on a Support Intensity Scale; funds are allocated to an individual when they become available.

A Support Coordinator will be assigned to coordinate all services received after high school graduation. The individual and their service team will develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) to guide further development of life skills.

5. Choose Services and a Provider

Georgia Options provides residential services to people in their own homes and community access services in people’s communities, assisting people to volunteer, shop, exercise, and enjoy leisure activities.

Residential services are also available from other providers in group homes or host homes. Other services available through the waiver include Community Access, Prevocational, Supported Employment, and Specialized Medical Supplies/Equipment.

Community Living & Community Access Services

Georgia Options provides companions to support adults with developmental disabilities in their choices to live independently and be active participants in community settings.

Volunteering, going to the farmer’s market, attending church, and exercising at the park are just a few of the activities that the people we serve have the fulfillment of participating in.