Georgia Options partners with agencies, community organizations, and government entities to support our people in every aspect of their lives. We work to improve community understanding and involvement, working environments, and accessibility to housing options. Our partnerships include:

Institute on Human Development and Disability (IHDD) – For many years, IHDD has graciously allowed us to use their conference room for our Board of Directors’ meetings. In 2010, our first intern came from this school, and she remains a friend of Georgia Options.

UGA School of Social Work – Since 2011, we have had groups of interns from the School of Social work shadowing our coordinators and working on projects to benefit the organization, including a Social Skills workshop.

UGA School of Social Work, Institute for Nonprofit Organizations – Some students in this program have written a volunteer management program for us, while others are writing grants on our behalf.

UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Human Development and Family Science – We are engaged in a 3 year arrangement with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences as an internship site for students wanting to learn about working with adults with developmental disabilities and how organizations like Georgia Options function.

UGA’s Obesity Initiative, an MSW research project entitled “Direct Support Professionals’ Perspectives about Food Preparation and Choices” – We welcomed the MSW student to GO to invite our companions to participate in the study. Employees who participate are helping to make a societal change that will lead to better  health for all.

College of Education, Department of Counseling and Human Development  – We have partnered with the Department of Counseling and Human Development to provide affordable counseling services to the people we support as Medicaid does not cover these services.

Women’s Law Student Association at UGA – In 2012, former Miss Georgia, Emily Cook, approached Georgia Options and asked if the Women’s Law Student Association at UGA could bake birthday cakes for the people we serve. And the answer was a resounding “yes!” A number of people associated with the Women’s Law Student Association have faithfully baked and delivered beautiful and delicious birthday cakes as a way for the community to celebrate the lives of the people we serve.